Theme Letter

Honourable participants, distinguished delegates, and dear advisors,


We welcome you to the fourth annual session of SEV American College Model United Nations in Istanbul, which will be taking place between 5th and 8th of March 2020 with great honor and pleasure. Growing each year with new opportunities, SACMUN is developing with three conferences at hand, coming up with new committees for delegates to have a fruitful experience. 


Our theme this year is adjusting to the intersectionality and individuality of the modern world. This theme is in reference to the inter-connected individual issues in our world. In the modern world, culture, social life, economy, politics and numerous other aspects are all interconnected and don’t exist without each other. Being a quintessential example, climate change within the spectrum of economic, political, and social globalization are immensely debated, showing their effect in the aftermath of the global issues that we are facing.   Bearing in mind that one issue can’t be sufficiently solved without a rigorous solution for these issues, discrete consequences should be dealt with and faced. In these regards, the individuality and intersectionality of current global issues is one of the most prominent facets of the modern world, requiring utmost intricacy. Without a clear understanding of intersectionality and individuality of the modern world, the absence of long term solutions will remain to cause diversity.


Over the duration of the conference, it is our goal to provide an open space for our participants to develop new perspectives and approaches on the theme of adjusting to the intersectionality and individuality of the modern world through relevant agenda items, in addition to debating on other major issues that are ongoing around the globe. We also want our participants to question and learn about the ways to become responsible active citizens in modern polarized world ahead of us.


As the secretariat of this year’s conference, we will be thrilled to see you all participating. Hopefully, you will have a very memorable SACMUN experience and have a great time in committees while lobbying, debating and finding solutions

Alara Egeli


Ata Gönül

Deputy Secretary-General

Emir Ziyal

President of the General Assembly