Agenda Items & Chair Reports

GA1: Disarmament and International Security Committee

  1. The threat of Private military companies to state sovereignty

  2. Addressing the excessive accumulation and illicit trades in conventional arms

  3. Proliferation of chemical and biological weapons


GA2: Human Rights Committee

  1. Addressing issues on the silence of Xinxiang and Hong Kong

  2. Combating with the conflicts of child troops, civil identity, and human rights violations in Sudan

  3. Protecting international rights of inhabitants of area’s risk of decolonization


GA3: Special, Political and Decolonization Committee

  1. Investigating the rise in right-wing and populist parties in Europe

  2. The question of the ongoing conflict in Yemen 

  3. Addressing the Western Sahara Conflict


GA4: Environmental Committee

  1. Claiming the lack of efficient water treatment and filtration in undeveloped countries

  2. The prevention of illicit trafficking of wildlife products and marine life trade.

  3. Tackling the issue of habitat destruction and degradation caused by global warming,


GA5: Legal Committee

  1. Tackling the corruption in governments’ regulations on the private sector

  2. Addressing the Legal Conflict Between China and Hong Kong and Determining the Post-Protest Government Principles 

  3. Establishing Legal Means in Addressing the Legal Dispute Regarding the Solemnity of the Venezuelan Government

Security Council

  1. The Question of Golan Heights Dispute

  2. The sovereignty dispute of the Falkland Islands.

  3. Tackling the conflict caused by the Territorial Claims in the Antarctic


International Court of Justice

  • The case of Jadhav (India vs. Pakistan)


Advisory Panel on the Question of the Arctic Sea

  1. The conflict caused by the overlapping EEZs.

  2. Addressing the increasing utilization of natural resources and the increasing importance of the geopolitical position.

  3. The militarization of the region.